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United will assist with environmental compliance to responsibly dispose of your waste and recycling materials, utilizing only fully permitted and licensed facilities to safely manage your waste.  We can accomodate the following waste materials:motion_trucking

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Constructions and Demolition
  • Food and Yard Waste
  • Sludge
  • Both contaminated and virgin petroleum products
  • Treated wood – weathered
  • Sandblast media
  • Soil borings for monitoring and well installation
  • Treated and delisted hazardous waste
  • Remediation projects
  • Industrial wastes


United utilizes a network of qualified, licensed and insured transportation companies. Each transporter is audited to ensure they have the proper insurance and permits to transport your waste safely and efficiently. recycling

We match haulers and equipment to the customer’s schedule and shipping needs. Our available equipment options are:

  • Tri Axle Dump Trucks
  • "Walking" Floor Trailers
  • Roll Off Service (Multiple Container Sizes)

    United has a New Jersey A901 Waste License and NJ and Philadelphia WBE Certification

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