Dump Trailers

A Semi Dump Trailer is used for hauling materials both in and out of a project or location. It is useful for heavy materials that might overwhelm smaller trucks. Typically dump trailers are used to haul stone and sand onto a project. Soil, concrete, clay, brick, and block are all typical materials this trailer might haul off a job.

(Multiple Sizes and Duty Ratings)

  • Aluminum High Capacity to Maximize Load Volume (50 – 100 Cubic Yards)
    • MSW, Sludge, Dredge Material, Compost & Commodities
    • Light C & D (Non-Friable & Friable)
  • Steel Heavy Duty for Large Demo Pieces / Sections (40 – 50 Cubic Yards)
    • Concrete block & slabs, Brick, Masonry, Large Rocks & Steel
    • Residual Waste & Recycling Scrap
    • Heavy Unrefined Bulk C & D (Non-Friable & Friable)