Walking Floor Trailers

These are specialized trailers used to haul bulk commodities. The floor moves so the product can be unloaded off the back. They are typically used to transport ­­­­mulch, recycled products and many other products. These trailers can be used to haul some palletized loads as well. One notable advantage these trailers have over a dump trailer is that they can haul up to 110 cubic yards without having to be put up in the air to unload.

(High Cube 100 yard automatic loading & unloading Open top)

  • Aluminum Lightweight Engineering to Maximize Payload
    • MSW, Palletized or Loose Waste Material, Expired Food & Organic Waste
    • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Waste streams
    • Light Construction and Demolition Debris (Non-Friable & Friable)
    • Auto Fluff & Fines, Tires, Residual Manufacturing Waste & Recycling Scrap
    • Bulk Commodities, Compost, Mulch, Turf, Rail Road Ties, Recycled Wood